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Saturday 30 October 2010

Gilchrist's Then and Now....Plus A New Project!!!!

Hello, My Fellow Retro Boston Lovers!!
I have a treat for you today! Walter, a super blog fan, has sent us some photos of the great, old Gilchrist Company Department Store building in downtown Boston as it looks today in 2010.
I have added a selection of ads from 1967 to give you a feel for the once vibrant store as it was....back then....in Boston's classic retro past!
Walter has said he will take more for us soon with his other camera...I can't wait!
The building remains a true classic department store of a bygone era and you can read more about its long history on the pages of this blog in the archived updates.
Please note the state of the kitchen now....the famous place where those wonderful almond macaroons were baked for so long. I really miss those!!!
The building has been updated but many nice touches remain such as the old iron stair rails....classic!
I love the antique valve that sends heat to the old entrance on Hamilton Place...how many times did I enter the wonderful old Marble Spa that way? I have lost count!
The tenth floor looks sad today. Gone are the goods that once filled the display area...but all the wonderful daylight still comes streaming in. Gilchrist's boasted a great deal about all their windows back when the building was new...no gloomy sales floors in their "modern" store!
Thank you, Walter! Please do keep snapping for us:-)

Now about my new project!!

The Jordan Marsh Memory Project

Here is what I said about it on my new Facebook page:

This blog has been so popular and generated much discussion around many of the stores of the past but one store really has become a true legend. Filene’s has many fans that are true to its dear memory….but The Jordan Marsh Company seems to have a wonderful nostalgic aura that surpasses all the others for so many Bostonians. For this reason, I have decided to begin a very special project dedicated just to The Jordan Marsh Company and a key part of this project will be the gathering of as many memories from the public who loved to shop there over the many years it ruled the Boston shopping scene.

The Jordan Marsh Memory Project could become a book or booklet of some type in the future…at this point I am just gathering all the information and research materials I can find about this great store of Boston’s past. I encourage anyone who would like to participate in the project to write to me at:


and share your memories. I am also looking for photos and other memorabilia of Jordan Marsh that could be scanned or sent my way for inclusion in the final product.

This project will take a great deal of time and I am hoping many people will want to share their treasured memories with me thus creating a lasting tribute to this former Boston retailing giant.

So all you Jordan Marsh fans, come on....start sharing and let's make this project really special. Write me at the above email address...I'd love to hear from YOU!!


ps...My Facebook page is:
I am Charles Boston on Facebook....come see:-)


Denholms said...

This is great! I wish the old stores were still here... I was going to start a face-book page on Denholms as well. Have you received any info or pictures of Jordan Marsh on your face book page. I also have some old Jordan Marsh images from the Framingham store that I will scan and send to you.
My best!

Charles Boston said...

Thanks, Denholms!!!
You are a star!!!
No, the Facebook page is new and still growing very slowly.
Hope to get more "department store" friends on my list there.
Are you on??
Let me know:-)


Lauren said...

I just came across your site/blog while looking for information about a vintage hand held fan that i was trying to price out. The box said it was from this department store. What great history. Thanks for the background info!