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Tuesday 28 February 2012

Christmas In February...A Look at Boston in 2011

Hello, My Fellow Retro Boston Lovers!

Please welcome TheMBTADog to the creative fold here at Shopping Days In Retro Boston!

Today I present a small selection of photos shot by TheMBTADog. These were part of a wonderful set of photos that were taken during the 2011 Christmas season and I feel they capture just how Downtown Crossing looks and feels today.

These photos act as a perfect lasting record of “here and now” and will serve us well as we look back on them over the coming years and Downtown Crossing continues to change and evolve with the needs, whims and desires of the 21st century.

I thrive on TheMBTADog’s style and flair for capturing moments in time in and around Boston. I only wish our dear Nick DeWolf could have lived to see this new and inspiring work.

I look forward to many more photographic contributions by TheMBTADog and am so very glad he came forward and offered his work for display here on the blog.

So enjoy Christmas in February and drink in the spirit of the season with these classic images by TheMBTADog.

A BIG THANKS to our newest contributor and keep snapping!!!





Don't forget....I am still working on my Jordan Marsh memory project. Write me!!!!

Monday 20 February 2012

Retro Boston Meets Ultra Swank

Hello, My Fellow Retro Boston Friends!

Just a quick note today. Please take a visit to Ultra Swank and enjoy an update that I put together about this blog. Chris, the webmaster, has done a super job posting it....I love the look and feel of his entire site and my update looks....Oh, So Retro!!!
My thanks to Chris for all he has done to make this special update happen this month!
The link is:



PS...Get ready for an exciting new blog contributor later this month. His name is MBTADog and you will be thrilled with his fine photography and research that really brings the Boston of today and yesterday to life! More soon!!