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Monday 17 August 2009

An Old Postcard from 1910

Hello, All!
A reader asked about this scene from 1910 and was curious about the plaque on the building located on the corner of Temple Place before Kresge's took over.
I would imagine that once that building was replaced or renovated...the sweet little plaque was no more. It was a perfect location for the plaque back in 1910 since Jordan Marsh Company was breaking retail records, building its famous annex and becoming the king of New England department stores.
Hope this helps....Charles:-)

Saturday 15 August 2009

BRA Visions of Downtown Boston Shopping In 1963: Part Two

Hello, Retro Boston Lovers!
Part two of my posting of the BRA 1963 report on the Boston shopping scene and their "ideas" for making it better. I find it funny and very sad that the words "preserve" or even "character" do not get a mention in any of the pages. You will enjoy the description of dear old Kennedy's...I think they call the building...."not attractive". Mmmm, I wonder why they worked so hard to save the outer walls about 25 years ago when the store was no more.
I also learned through my recent research that Raymond's did relocate into the former RH White building from 1967 until about 1970 ish. Not sure when they called it quits but it must have been by 1972 at the latest. I never did get a look in because of the location and my mother's fear of "that awful end of Washington Street". That location may have done Raymond's in after a few years. I have a feeling they relocated there during the Franklin Street realignment work of 1967-68 and had hopes of rebuilding in their former location but could not raise the needed funds to do it. Enter Woolworth's in the late 60's and that was that.
Enjoy part two...Charles:-)

Friday 14 August 2009

BRA Visions of Downtown Boston Shopping In 1963: Part One

Hello, Retro Boston Lovers!
I have come upon a real gem! This BRA report from 1963 has cropped up in my research and wow...what a find! I now see the seeds that were sown that would bring about so many BIG changes to the Boston shopping experience. This was the start to the many demolitions that would begin in just a few short years.
I will post the report for your reading pleasure...horror...you can decide.
I smiled as the team referred to the confusing store layouts and masses of connected, antique buildings...Ahhh, yes!! That was the pleasure...the fun...the hunt and search through those beloved buildings for what you wanted!
The team from BRA must have enjoyed shopping in the new suburban malls that were popping up all over. All neat and tidy! No more than two floors, easy to navigate for the simple minded.
All the real retro Boston shoppers of 1963 knew their stores and knew where the items they wanted were sold and it did all make sense... in a wild and wonderful way...if you gave it half a chance!
Here is part one of the report.
Enjoy, Charles:-)