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Thursday 11 February 2010

1977 Photo of Downtown Boston

Hello, Retro Boston Lovers!
Nick DeWolf's photos of years gone by have served me well for some wonderful updates.
I am so happy I am able to share them with you on my blog thanks to his kind family.
This 1977 photo shot while taking off from Logan is perfect!
I have always needed help in confirming dates of various building changes in downtown Boston and this photo sheds some light on my quest.
I can see the Jordan Marsh Annex Building still standing in the lower corner but I can also see that all RH White's buildings and the Bristol Building of Jordan Marsh have been torn down by this 1977 shot. All replaced with a temporary paved parking area until work on Lafayette Place would begin in full again in 1978 when the Annex of Jordan Marsh would close for good and be torn down.
Now that I see this shot I can recall this phase of Jordan Marsh and think it was just before the new building(1975-1977) along Washington Street opened and the Annex was still very much a big part of the retail space required.
Enjoy this photo....and thanks again to Nick's family for this chance to explore Boston back in the year 1977!!