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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Going In Town: An October 1959 Boston Shopping Spree

Hello, My Fellow Retro Boston Lovers!

Today we are going back to 1959!
It is a wonderful Saturday morning...mid-October...Let's go "in town" and hit the stores!
Our list of things to do is SO big!
Boston is the place to shop...yes, we could go to the "new" malls....BUT Boston still has it all! We need to look for Halloween goodies as well. May have to stop in at Sears on Park Drive, they do have a great selection of costumes. But then it's back on the trolley to Park Street and all those stores!!!
After we are done today we could catch a movie or....if you want to really splash out we could see a live stage show, but The Sound of Music is sold out...fancy that....it's only a pre-Broadway musical tryout:-)

Enjoy this selection of places to shop and things to do from October 1959 in Boston!!!

More soon....Charles:-)