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Friday 4 April 2008

Lots of Interest

I am pleased to say that folks are responding and contacting me with some great ideas and questions about the great old Boston department stores we all loved or at least heard about:-)

Two photos today of Woolworth's in Boston. Some questions have come up about locations of Woolworth's before the BIG new store of 1970.

This was a pre-1970 location along Washington Street right next to the Annex of Jordan Marsh.

This shot was done from West St. and is just below the corner of the former Avon Street that ran between the Main Store and the Annex of Jordan Marsh Company.

I do not recall this location as a child. I think this must have closed early to mid- 60's.

Jordan Marsh filled out these side stores in the 1960's and they became part of the large Annex Building. A posting on this blog of a few days ago shows this location as shot by Nick DeWolf in 1970.

In that photo you can see the Jordan Marsh sign covering over where the Woolworth's sign would have been located.

Enjoy and keep asking!!!!!!!!