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Tuesday 13 July 2010

More from the 1975...."Boston 200: Official Bicentennial Guide Book"

Hello, Retro Boston Lovers!
Thanks to Ron!! He has sent more scans from the Boston Bicentennial guide published in 1975 to add to the ones Bruce just sent to me for my previous update. I am adding a variety of scans here...so this update is a bit different. They are not all department stores in Downtown Boston but a patchwork of places around Boston to shop and eat.
These scans give a feel of what Boston was like in the mid-70's and it brings back so many memories to just consider all the choices we had in this city once upon a time.
There has been some talk on this blog and on others about the New York influence in Boston.
We must recall that the Boston based original BIG stores were all located in the Tremont or Washington Street areas of Downtown Boston.
The New York stores with Boston branches such as Best&Company, Lord and Taylor, Saks and Bonwit Teller were all located in the Copley Square area more or less.
This clear distinction remained in place for many years and these ads remind us of this retail divide.
Boston stores looked and felt different....a bit more old-fashioned and a little cluttered...but very charming in that New England way. Slow to change was Boston...for better or worse....but Boston had a unique identity of its own!
I love the Woolworth's ad!! The store was the pride of the Woolworth's fleet and in the 70's was a super place to shop. It was always very busy and it had everything you might want. Plus it smelled wonderful! The large, open street floor with its deli and coffee shop/lunch counter created some tasty smells.
And Brigham's Ice Cream locations were all over Boston, too!
I recall one at the top of the steps at Park Street, two near Government Center,one in the theater district and another large one in the Prudential Center. I know there were even more such as the one in Kenmore Square and several along Beacon Street in Brookline.
If Ron sends more ads from this guide, I shall post them here as well.
Thanks, Ron!! And now enjoy the ads!!



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Ellie said...

Does anyone remember an automat that was located between Filene's Basement and Jordan Marsh's Basement?
There may also have been a shoeshine stand. My recollection is that it was called Colstones.
Thank you.
Ellie Della Penna