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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Recalling Some Happier Days for Filene's

Hello, Retro Boston Lovers!!

One of my loyal readers sent me this great link:


I read the article and watched the video. A wonderful video filled with great memories...please check it out!!
Filene's stands now as an empty shell...and the once famous basement in near financial ruin...Again!! This makes me recall a Filene's of long ago, a Filene's that was a winner in the world of department stores!
1912 was a great year for the company and the new building was the toast of the town.
The other department stores in Boston were all busy and trying to build that "super" building that would catch the eyes of every eager shopper in the area. Gilchrist Company launched their new building that same year and Jordan Marsh Company had just built the first section of their great annex store in 1909. Filene's outdid themselves and this beautiful new building stole the show.
Here are some moments from 1911-1912, a few from the 1920's and some items from the 1950'-60's as well.
Enjoy this look back!!



ephemeralist said...

Great selection of "documents" and photos! Did you know that the original Houghton (S. S. Houghton) was the brother-in-law of Rowland H. Macy and that together they started Macy's in NYC? -- Jan

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