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Thursday 26 March 2009

A Challenge for You!

Hello Retro Boston Dept. Store Fans!
Now thanks to a good buddy, Statler, I have found a great shot of Downtown Boston from the air circa 1955. Now I can find many of the historic stores we all love from this shot...can you?
Here is my challenge....
Copy this photo and using a paint program, please locate and mark with my numbering system the following stores:
1. Jordan Marsh Main Buildings
2. Jordan Marsh Annex Buildings
3. RH White's
4. Filene's
5. Gilchrist's
6. RH Stearn's
7. Raymond's
Now if you look hard, enlarge if you need to, you can see the rooftops or more of these great old stores listed here.
Send your copy to me at my email address located in my profile and I will post the winner or winners marked photos.
Have a go...see if you can do it!!!

Good Luck.....Charles:-)