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Monday 28 January 2008


Welcome to my blog!
This blog is the result of many years of wondering what to do with all my fond memories of the Boston I knew and loved growing up in. I had just retired from over 20 years of teaching when I found Jan Whitaker’s wonderful site on the history of American department stores. Her site and amazing book along with her dear friendship led me down the path of creating this blog.
Jan recently did a lecture at the Boston Public Library about the Boston department stores of the past and I spent some time gathering my own memories for Jan so that she could get a personal sense of what the Boston stores of yesterday meant to those of us who recalled them vividly.
I have been searching the internet and looking for all the materials I can find to present on this blog and help us take a stroll back in time to the Boston we all loved so much.
Many thanks to Jan for sending me so many super items for this new blog!
Please drop in and visit her at: http://www.departmentstorehistory.net/
I am very aware that not all Boston folk feel nostalgic about the stores of old and are glad to see the end of that classic era in our retail history.
During my research I have read many Boston Globe articles relating to the various stores and the closures of each. Most people who wrote in to the Globe shared a sense of loss and felt that Boston was becoming less distinctive with each store death BUT there were some who thought we were old silly fools to have feelings for those decaying icons to the Boston consumer culture of days gone by.
My mission here is to present my memories and any others that people would like to offer up for the readers. This blog may also be a great place for those who did not know the Boston that they see and read about here and want to ask questions to find out more!
Please write and share! Let’s make this blog a fun place to explore.
Thanks for visiting!


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