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Friday, 28 January 2011

Valentine's Day 1960: Retro Boston Feels The LOVE!!

Hello, My Fellow Retro Boston Lovers!!

Valentine's Day has had a special place in the US retailing scene for many years now.
Today we take a trip back to February 1960 and enjoy what Boston department stores had to offer those who wanted to share in the "love" and give a gift that said those three magic words...cash or charge....NO.....I Love You!!!:-)

Filene's was the winner of 1960 advertising space devoted to gifts for both "him" and "her" set around the Valentine's Day theme. Filene's was also very creative in the way that they dressed up their lower-case "f" logo and gave it Cupid's outfit...very sweet indeed!

The gifts on offer were jewels, perfume, clothing, china...and men's boxer shorts with lovesick characters depicted on them. Much to charm your sweetheart with!!

But I love practical Gilchrist's approach...Custom-made slipcovers!! Yes, note the happy couple enjoying the look and feel of those slipcovers...who knew they were so romantic??
Gilchrist's did, of course!!





PS....I feel the love, too!!!! Thank you all for visiting this blog so often and for your wonderful support over the last three years!!! Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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