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Thursday, 20 January 2011

January Sales in 1959 Retro Boston

Hello, Retro Boston Lovers!

January is here...snow...cold...and yes, shopping!!
January sales events are famous all over the US and Boston had a wonderful tradition of January sales that really became a legend!
Filene's had for many years what they called...January Jumbo Values.
Gilchrist's did...January Jubilee.
Conrad&Chandler celebrated their...Merger Anniversary Sale.
And Jordan Marsh Company always celebrated their birthdays in January with big ads proclaiming just how "old" they were. In 1959....they were 108 and proud of it!!
Enjoy this wonderful walk through a snowy Boston in January 1959 and let's go shopping!!!




denholms said...

God Charles, where do you find all of this???? I am always amazed. I love the old illustrations that they used to use along with all of that copy. Those were the days. I have started scanning the Jordan Marsh images from the Framingham store. Will be sending them soon!

Charles said...

Thanks so much!!!!!
It will be great to see them!!!
Glad you enjoy my little treasures from Boston's retro past:-)
I shall keep my eyes wide open for any Denholm's finds to send your way!!

Take care....keep visiting!!!

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