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Monday, 20 February 2012

Retro Boston Meets Ultra Swank

Hello, My Fellow Retro Boston Friends!

Just a quick note today. Please take a visit to Ultra Swank and enjoy an update that I put together about this blog. Chris, the webmaster, has done a super job posting it....I love the look and feel of his entire site and my update looks....Oh, So Retro!!!
My thanks to Chris for all he has done to make this special update happen this month!
The link is:



PS...Get ready for an exciting new blog contributor later this month. His name is MBTADog and you will be thrilled with his fine photography and research that really brings the Boston of today and yesterday to life! More soon!!


Anonymous said...

Great blog!

Charles Boston said...

Thanks so much to TheMBTADog!!! I know the readers will just love your excellent photo work as soon as I begin to post it here!!